My Equine Photography Exhibition in London

“The horses of Camargue are white and they are wild. Watching them gallop across salt lakes is breathtaking; imagine a herd of 40 stallions running towards you, emerging from the water. When they are close enough, their ears perk up, and water splashes everywhere. Your senses become overwhelmed with the sounds of the horses galloping in water and the smells of thesurrounding areas. How can you not capture that scene?”.

First things first in underwater photography

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting my site. This is my first ever blog so please be easy on me!!

I started scuba diving 20 years ago, and quickly became a fanatic. Underwater photography came right afterwards. I loved diving and also taking photos underwater. I still remember when my first ever shots were developed (There was no digital technology by then, we had to use slides) I could not believe that there were real images with colour and definite shape of a fish. I was proud. Wow!! I took photos under water and they came out. It was unbelievable!